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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  December 10, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EST

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speed camera ticket mistakes. getttng involved in the controversy. on fox 45 news at 3 3
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right now police right now police are searching for thh gunman who shot a baltiiore county police appened in overlea. overlea.megan gilliland ii here theelatest on how it all unfolded... plus how the officer is doing at this hour. good morninggguys,it happened just after o'clcck unday morning.we're tood he officer porner here... f dale avenue and kenwooo avenuu in
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overlea... when hh saw a large police say he stooped his car could pass... and that's when a man in the ccowd pulled a gun and opened fire... hitting the off-duty officer twice. that they elieve that the that the officer was not targeted. 3(cpl. wwchter) "i mean he waa just driving aad he happened ttocome across this group. so, it'd be reasonable to assume they accuully wouldn'tt know who he is. i mean that could have beennanybood." anybody." we're told he officerris doing okay riiht now... heewas treated nd reeeased from thh hospital. we know he's a patrol officer... but at this time... police are nottreleasing his name.megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 tte ravens are still in first pllce in the a-ffc north... but thatts the onny right ppot to annther disappointing
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nail-biting loss for the team, anddits faas. fans..he ravens had an 8-point quarteeback r-g-3 out of the but somehhw... it still wasn't . over.with griffin out of thh game... in ccmes redskins backup quarterback, kirk cousiis... who hitsspierre garcon from 11 yards out.with the 2-pointt conversion needed to tii the game... cousins uus it in. then in overttme... the ravens are orred to punt... and richard crawford returns it 64 yards... only punter sam koch stoos a touchdown right there. then hand it to kai forbath....who kicks the 34-yard field goal... stunninn the ravens with a 31-to-28 the steelers nd bengals
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also lost... so the ravens remainn2 games up in the divisi. live in towssn at panera this morning to see how fans and players are recovering from another heart-breaker. 3 we are f courseetalking about a long ttie, but for a loog r - stretch of this game,,it felt like the ravens were in control. control.flacco was sharp early... ray rice tried to reversed... still, ee reed triessto put it in perspective...
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3326 this s a season we'ree going through. ikk iitold guys, there's wins and losses theebeltwwy was wonn y redssinn... the sttndings for us didn't move. he goes on to say, this was a battle for te beltway... but the ravenssare thinking playyff positioning.... denver in town next week... 3 coming p on theeearly cliff.thh food ssfety issues
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ameriiaas coull experience... if no deal is reached. ((break 1)) 3
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3 3 3 3 commng up... the ravens knock the game.iffin the 3rd out of - another backup quarteeback sent tteepurplee and bback home with a loss. budget cuts... impacting food safeey.the heaath inspectiins that ould take a hit... if america goes over the fiscal cliff.
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♪ because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea. 3 while democratt andd republicans try to hammer out deaa to aaoid the fiscal cliff p some government aaencies are making contingency plans in case they don't. as emily schmidt reports, agenciessthatt regulaae food safettyare on alert bbcause of the potential familles. d have ome fiical 3 "oh, i like thii one" preparing for the holidays at paul and tressa bennett's housee s a reminder of somethinn elseejust aroond the
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corner , a iscal cliff deadline hat's personal heee. "i can't imagine funding being cut at this point. it would be tragic". tressa is worried mandatory budget uts would hurt food safety inspection her twins weeeeborn in 1999. 'chloe was ii the hospital for and herrbabies got listeria poisoninn from meat she ate while pregnant. the centers connaminated ood sickens about 48 milllon people a pear, 3000 people die, so the fda and the usda's fooo safety and inspection service are charged with prrtecting the food suuply. an 8-point-2 to a combined $157 million dollars. there's no word exactly what ccts would mean to inspector staffinn "bbth fda and usda are already ptretched pretty thin when ii comes to the innpection activities anddthe food safety work they do.they really need increesed resources and not fewer resources." "agencies always say they'reestretched". deann lancy is with
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freedomworks an orrgnization that ppomotes smaller government, and he sayy the &pcuts leave nothing to fear. "arguing that getting spending unner control ennangers public health and safety is a really irrespoosible scare tactic.. especially wwennyou realize that these aren't real cuts, theseeare reducttonnsfrom spending". "if ou cut the agencies do, it is goiig to pignificannly impact them today, its going to iipactt them tomorrow" "you made this one, dddn'tt ou?' tressa bennett and her kids are now healthyyand food safety advocates "remember,,we alll have to eat." and, they say, nobody should have to fear what they eat. "a company that ttacks food recalls says there highest level innat least two years.most of thee came rom illness. emily schhidt, cnn 3 coming up... the ravensswere year.the big plays given up sunday... that resulted in a 3-
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coming p in our 6 o'clock hour... a nurse takes hee own call.the backlaah two radio ca. d-j's are experiencing... after tryinn to get information on the duchess of cambridge. xoxo3
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an off-dutt... baltimore ccunty officerris shot.his ccndition at this hourrand the search for the gunman... straight ahead. ffr he win......defeated the ravens ravens the ravens lose ii overtime to the redskins. the play that cost them the game.. and what ha


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